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Lester Logistics

Your partner in transport.


Let’s cooperate!

Lester Holding Ltd cordially invites all interested parties to cooperate. If you are an experienced, professional and reliable carrier, we will be happy to work with you.

See our cooperation terms below, prepare the necessary documents and contact us or use the automatic application form.

Present a copy of necessary documentation.

  • REGON identification number certificate,
  • entry into the Register of the Economic Court of the National Court Register or the Economic Register,
  • confirmation of assignment of Tax ID Number,
  • valid insurance policy for carrier liability insurance (OCP),
  • international road or domestic transport license,

Meet the requirements and terms of cooperation.


The carrier performing services for us undertakes to:

perform service in accordance with the order (at a specified time and at a specified hour),

hold all necessary documents (law and legal regulations) when performing transport services for Lester,

use only cars that hold all documents allowing to carry out transport accepted for realization,

ensure that transport takes place in vehicles suitable for the type of transported goods (tight semitrailer with a customs line and strong substrate),

be present at loading and unloading, check the quantity and condition of packages, shipments, and delivery dates,

use only technically efficient vehicles for transport,

immediately inform the client about any delays during execution of the order and driver’s reservations regarding the quality, amount of damage, etc.,

make sure that the recipient puts a legible signature on the consignment note with his full name, date, and stamp,

maintain constant telephone communication with the driver during execution of the order,

immediately inform the client about unforeseen events (such as a transport accident),

in the case of damage, prepare a proper protocol, in accordance with the provisions; min. 3 copies for the recipient, sender and ordering party,

not make direct contact with our clients during and after cooperation as well as after its termination,

comply with all regulations and rules resulting from the CMR and other regulations in force in road transport,

enter any comments confirmed by the sender or recipient in the CMR letter,

Let′s cooperate!

Visit us in person or call us:

  • Address

    ul. Długa 44, 82-500 Kwidzyn

  • Phone no.

    +48 55 279 67 51