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Lester Paper

Production of paper bags.

We offer a wide range of production possibilities for standard and paper bags.

Paper bags with or without handle:

CRAFT PAPER (nonstandard paper).


(standard white and brown, colored string and bags without handles).


  • All prints are made using the flexographic method.
  • We print from 1-6 colors plus UV cured paint.
  • Printing up to a speed of 350m / min, printing width up to 1430mm (also on the foil).
  • Printing on LDPE film and on KRAFT type paper.

Open paper bags, sewn.


Open bags are used for packaging of bulk and granulated items in many branches of the industry. Sewn bags are comfortable to stack on pallets and simple in use. Manufactured depending on the assumed durability with the number of paper layers from 1 to 4.







It may be made with an additional LDPE insert (which protects against humidity).

40mm - 4000mm

Bag width

80mm - 2400mm

Bag length

From 1 to 4

Number of layers

From 1 to 5

Type of paper:
brown or white

Discover the opportunities formed thanks to cooperation with Lester Paper.

Thorough knowledge of the recipients’ needs, learning about the purpose of our products means that we can always provide help, advice and understanding.

  • We produce paper bags in a wide range of sizes. You can choose the format, color of the paper type and handle, or even submit a print design or order a custom size.
  • Our products are certified for contact with food.
  • Modern technology allows us to manufacture bags in many colors.
  • Paper bags may be covered in varnish, which is cured under an UV lamp.

You’re unsure of the product specification?

We will be happy to advise! Contact us or leave a message.


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